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High-Precision Production Machining Services

Production, or high-volume, machining refers to cutting a piece of raw material into a desired part or shape by removing material in a controlled process. One of the most common methods of doing this is with CNC Machining, which utilizes tools such as lathes, routers, mills, and grinders controlled by computers. For over 25 years, SCJ Machine has excelled at handling both high-volume and low-volume production. Additionally, we are constantly keeping an eye out for new machining techniques to add to our repertoire. By doing so, we aim to produce parts faster and cheaper for large-volume orders. Contact SCJ Machine to get started on your high-volume machining project today.

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High Volume Production Machining Services

CNC machining is one of the most accurate technologies being used by today’s leading manufacturers. Combined with our use of CAD/CAM programming, our operators use CNC machining to control the movements of the equipment and tools being used throughout the manufacturing process. At SCJ Machine, we utilize CNC machining to efficiently produce high-precision parts; our unmatched accuracy yields significant cost savings for our customers, eliminating the costs that come with time spent fixing errors.

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